Russian Sleep Experiment Book

Blinking awake, I stared up at a cracked concrete ceiling. It was so bright. My hands twitched but I stopped before I covered my eyes. I didn’t want to move too quickly. Instead, I listened for movement, but there was nothing; only the low hushing breath of a few other mouths reached my ears.

Russian Sleep Experiment Horror Novella Illustration

Russian Sleep Experiment Artwork by Daniel Tyka @ artificialdesign

Russian Sleep Experiment Horror Novella

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Four political prisoners living in a 1940s Siberian POW camp volunteer to be Subjects in a Soviet Military experiment. They are promised freedom in exchange for completing the exercise. In return they must endure 30 days without sleep, fuelled by Gas 76-IA. One researcher, Luka, stands alone in believing the experiment needs to be stopped before irreversible damage is done but is he too late? The Subjects no longer want the Gas switched off.

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