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Russian scientists are fast tracking Gas 76-IA to human trials. It has enormous military potential and could give them the edge they need in the Cold War, but it’s too early for safe tests.

Animal testing did not end well. Rather than waiting for the drug to be refined, scientists are pushed towards less ethical research methods…

…experimenting upon political prisoners…

The experiment is a lottery. Braving thirty days of insomnia, locked in a Soviet bunker under close observation, may win them their freedom, but at what cost?

Russian Sleep Experiment Horror Novella

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Based on the classic creepypasta story

Four political prisoners living in a 1940s Siberian POW camp volunteer to be Subjects in a Soviet Military experiment. They are promised freedom in exchange for completing the exercise. In return they must endure 30 days without sleep, fuelled by Gas 76-IA. One researcher, Luka, stands alone in believing the experiment needs to be stopped before irreversible damage is done but is he too late? The Subjects no longer want the Gas switched off.

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Holly Ice


Holly Ice is a lover of original, unusual stories with a passion for sci-fi, fantasy, romance and horror. If a day came where all the monsters were real, she’d love it (as long as they weren’t out to kill her in particular).

Holly Ice Author of The Russian Sleep Experiment Horror Novella

The Russian Sleep Experiment Horror Novella

If you are promised freedom, how long would you endure a nightmare? Siberia: the height of Stalinist terror. Four political prisoners from all corners of the Soviet Union, exiled to the frozen wastes, and sentences to ten years hard labour, are promised their freedom if they endure 30 days without sleep, fueled by gas 76-IA. Soviet researchers look on, neutral, and take careful notes on this new wonder drug as insomnia causes words and pleasantries to break down. Only Luka, a junior researcher, believes the experiment needs to be stopped. A lone voice of reason, he is shot down. However, when this experiment ends, one thing is clear: the nightmare has only just begun.
Written by: Holly Ice
Published by: Almond Press
Date Published: 08/11/2015
ISBN: 978-1988074009
Available in:EbookPaperback